Who is Isacc Thin?

Isacc Thin was originally from New York. We believe he was a chemist by profession from a Jewish family background. By all accounts Isacc was charming, witty and attractive with a keen eye for the ladies. His penchant for the fairer sex was without boundaries and one of his greatest flaws was his lack of respect for the sanctity of marriage.

Isacc was a sharp dresser...

Outside of this destructive personality trait, he was a fun character who washugely fond of the finer things in life and found the rich heritage of Europe quite intoxicating. Being a native New Yorker he also stood out and that got him a great deal of attention. This opened many doors and allowed him to be anything he wanted to be. Isacc was a sharp dresser for the time and while he wasn't necessarily rich, his few possessions while travelling were noticeably of good quality and excellent design. Onreflection some items may indeed have been gifts from wealthy lovers, but we’ll never know for sure. With a unique style, charisma and a definite glint in his eye, for Isacc, life was a great adventure.

Thin was renowned for his alcoholic concoctions...

It is largely believed that Thin never intended on Waterford as a destination. The story goes that in an attempt to escape an enraged husband he boarded a boat late one night at a European port and found himself in Waterford several days later. He liked his new found home and, just like the New York he had grown up in, Waterford was also a port town. Ports bring a certain dynamic to cities and Waterford City, while geographically compact, had a large and thriving port at its heart. In the mid 1920s Waterford, although its star was dimming, was still a place where ships and goods landed from across the world and with them brought a rare touch of cosmopolitan to asmall city on the south east coast of Ireland.

It wasn’t long before Thin ingratiated himself with the local landed gentry and aristocrats who mainly lived in large country houses that dotted the Waterford countryside. Although very much in the twilight of the ascendancy, Thin enjoyed the dying embers of a privileged lifestyle that revolved around parties, picnics and high teas. It gave him access to pleasant and comfortable surroundings and a host of women of all ages with plenty of time on their hands to enjoy the entertainment he could so willingly offer. As a route of entry Thin was renowned for his alcoholic concoctions, cooked up in rented gentlemen’s quarters near the city’s quays. Gin was by far his favourite tipple and he made many different varieties, but most with an Irishtwist as lazy days on a picnic blanket in the verdant countryside left plenty of time fora walk among the lush hedgerows.

As far as we know Thin only remained in the environs of Waterford for a few short years and while outside of his small band of female admirers and acquaintances he went relatively unnoticed but within his circle he left an indelible mark and not just for his gin!

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